Presidential Town Hall Address

Oxygen selected by American Embassy for high-profile town hall address

Meticulous production and collaboration bring President Obama's address to life

Following a rigorous formal tender process Oxygen were selected by the American Embassy to produce a Town Hall address with just 4 days’ notice. The event which took place at Lindley Hall, featured President Obama addressing an audience of 500 young UK leaders. The production required meticulous attention to detail, and included extensive staging, lighting and audio were required whilst being acutely aware of the security aspects of the event.

During his visit to London, President Obama delivered a thought-provoking Town Hall address that highlighted both the successes and frustrations of his presidency, along with his vision for the future before throwing the floor open to questions from his young audience. To bring this event to life, Oxygen worked in close collaboration with Lindley Hall and The US Embassy. Providing a comprehensive range of services that included lighting, audio, staging, flags, and furniture. Additionally, Oxygen provided a reliable power distribution package, complete with two synchronized 250kva generators to ensure uninterrupted power supply.


“As I mentioned Saturday, we cannot thank you enough for your help in making the town hall event come off so smoothly, and I hope Oxygen and the Embassy will get to work together again in the future.” American Embassy



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